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1800s Church Offerings/Confession Box From Providence, RI


Some minor marks and chipping in wood but overall fantastic condition for age. Gold leaf painted accents near base of box present on all sides and are still mostly present and visible. Box opens and hinges work well. Offerings box came from an old church in Providence, Rhodesia Island which had been around since the late 1700s. Box lid/opening measures...

1910s/1920s Studded Dresser Box


Length: 7 in. Width: 1 1/2 in. Height: 3 1/2 in. Leather is cracking a distressed, sides are fraying and are a bit disjointed. Box is overall quite structurally solid. Closes, but seal is not perfect. Studs are intact. Inside of the box is nice brown leather with light spotting from use. Hand studded in a classic earlier style. Incredible...

1910s/20s French Cotton/Linen Hunting Jacket - Faded Khaki - M


Special, special piece here. 1910s or 1920s French hunting jacket. This one is early, as later they were made out of the grey corduroy or pique material Crazy pocket fading - either from items poking out from pockets, or from pocket flaps being tucked in. Really severe wear around the armpits with some repairs. However, otherwise in surprisingly decent condition...

1920s Distressed French Tweed ‘Peasant’ Jacket - Tan/Brown/Gold - XS/S


Beautiful '20s French Tweed Jacket. Incredible gold satin style lining. Brown tweed. Some lovely wear throughout, though still has enough buttons to close and has enough structure to wear easily and casually to complete a look. Gives incredible character and atmosphere to an outfit. Made by B. Et Cie Lyon in Southeastern France. Tweed material is soft and broken in,...

1920s Thrashed French Peasant/Farmer’s Knit Sweater with Elbow Patches - Faded Olive Drab - XS/S


Beautiful '20s (perhaps even 1910s) French Farmer’s or Peasant’s knit. Tremendous character on this piece. Discolored/faded olive drab color. Leather elbow patches are curling due to around 100 years of wear and tear. Mock neck style collar - I don’t recommend this piece to someone with a larger head / hat size as the neck opening is fairly tight. Reminds...

1920s/30s French Corduroy Vest with Replaced ‘Napkin’ Back - Coffee Brown - S


Really unique piece here. This is a 1920s or 30s Corduroy Work Vest (yes corduroy used to be a work material). At some point, the back of the vest was entirely replaced, and they used a traditional French country patterned Napkin to do so. Not sure when the repair was done, but certainly before the ‘60s. Very unique. Corduroy is soft...

1930s Au Molinel French Tan Moleskin Heavily Repaired Work Trousers - Faded Tan - 30/27


A truly astounding pair of French moleskin work trousers from the coveted brand Au Molinel. The moleskin material is incredibly soft, and is a worn in to the point of being super thin. Great pair for summer wear. Hand done repairs throughout including sashiko style stitching, and patches of many different materials including linen and hearringbone twill. Various colored buttons,...

1930s Distressed French Quarter-Zip Farmer’s Knit Sweater - Olive/Brown - S/M


  Vintage 1930s French Farmer’s Knit top. Quarter zip with a beautiful period zipper that works well. Lovely natural distressing throughout. Some threads within the brown sections of the sweater are slightly iridescent/metallic. Looks lovely, and fit is very flattering. Medium-heavyweight wool material. Likely was handmade. The cut and colorway of this piece lends itself well to being either dressed...

1930s Distressed German Work Knit Cardigan - Black - M 1930s Distressed German Work Knit Cardigan - Black - M

1930s Distressed German Work Knit Cardigan - Black - M

$500.00 $400.00

  1930s German Workwear Knit. Distressed throughout, with all buttons missing as is nearly always the case. These versatile knits features a stretchy and comfortable, ribbed knit pattern. Looks great, and very flattering on body. OG patch repairs, and slightly faded. A truly sensational piece that can fit into many different styles/looks. I have one of these for myself and...

1930s French Corduroy Distressed & Repaired Blazer - Tan/Brown - M/L


Tremendous 1930s (maybe even 20s) French Corduroy Blazer/Sack Jacket. A sack jacket was essentially the style of slightly shorter, casual blazers/jackets used for every day wear in this era, especially popular in France, Germany, and England and eventually the style made its way to the US. This piece has many different tones/shades of brown and tan. Repaired by hand in...

1930s French Women’s Knit with Heavy Distressing and Repairs - Black/Grey/Cream - S 1930s French Women’s Knit with Heavy Distressing and Repairs - Black/Grey/Cream - S

1930s French Women’s Knit with Heavy Distressing and Repairs - Black/Grey/Cream - S


  Exceptional piece. This is a 1930s (perhaps even 1920s) knit from France. Still wearable and with stretch, this piece has distressing, repairs, and overall amazing character. The knit pattern resembles a houndstooth pattern. All buttons are missing. Three pocket design similar to many of the early French pieces including the classic Bleu De Travail (French Work Jacket).   Suggested...

1930s French ‘Patron’ Stained Knit Sweater - Navy Blue - XS/S


  Vintage 1930s knit sweater from France. Tag is reminiscent of Rolex branding. Sweater has stretch and is in wearable condition. Distressing throughout, most notably an unusual staining/paint pattern across the front that almost resembles a deliberate graphic or an abstract. Staining may be paint, or perhaps candlewax from an old headlamp — regardless of the substance, it adds tremendous...

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