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1940s Distressed French Striped Button-Up Knit Sweater Shirt with Darning - Cream/Black - S/M 1940s Distressed French Striped Button-Up Knit Sweater Shirt with Darning - Cream/Black - S/M

1940s Distressed French Striped Button-Up Knit Sweater Shirt with Darning - Cream/Black - S/M


Really amazing piece here. Early 1940s Striped Sweater. Soft material, not a rough itchy one. All wool. Two different areas of original white and black darning on the left arm — it’s just impossible to picture both patches at once. Material is a bit stretchy. Shorter body with quite long sleeves. Very punk - Sid Vicious vibes. Mother of Pearl buttons.  Suggested...

1940s Thrashed Two-Tone Sweatshirt Cardigan - Faded Red/Black - S 1940s Thrashed Two-Tone Sweatshirt Cardigan - Faded Red/Black - S

1940s Thrashed Two-Tone Sweatshirt Cardigan - Faded Red/Black - S


1940s Sweatshirt Cardigan. Incredible distressing and wear throughout with extensive repairs. Old fashioned machine, and hand-sewn sashiko repairs are both present. Incredible sun fading and minor paint marks are present as well as two different kinds of buttons. Cuffs on sleeves are slightly chopped. Fit is slightly cropped as is period appropriate. Soft, lighter-weight and comfortable. A piece with atmosphere the...

1950s Distressed French Moleskin Work Jacket w/ Contrast Stitching - Faded Blue - L


Classic French ‘Bleu de travail’ chore jacket with white contrast stitching and distressing throughout. Faded with beautifully soft and worn-in moleskin. Rare to find these classic, early, three-pocket design French work jackets in larger sizes. Perfect wardrobe essential here. Fits slightly tall and slim.   Suggested Size: L/XL Width (pit to pit): 20.5" Length (Point of Shoulder to Hem): 26”...

1950s Sashiko Repaired HBT Bleu De Travail French Chore Jacket - Faded Indigo Blue - S/M


1950s HBT (Hearringbone-twill) French work jacket. Classic three pocket design with a slimmer fit for a smart look. Sits beautifully on-body as the material is nicely broken in. Jacket has some sun fading and mismatched buttons. The nicest feature of this jacket is the intense sashiko repairing throughout. Lovely, versatile, wardrobe essential.   Suggested Size: S/M Width (pit to pit):...

1960s Bleu De Travail French Chore Painter’s Jacket - Faded Blue - L/XL


1960s Blue French Chore Work Jacket made out of a heavyweight, thick cotton drill. Minor distressing and paint marks throughout. Rare to find a classic French work jacket in bigger sizes such as this! A lovely wardrobe staple that can be worn grungy and casual or as a smarter piece.   Suggested Size: L/XL Width (pit to pit): 22" Length...

1970s French Work Jacket with Metal Buttons, Embroidered Logo, and Paint Distressing - Faded Blue - L/XL


1970s work jacket with an embroidered ‘V’ logo on the chest pocket, next to a small pencil pocket. Paint distressing throughout. Lovely fading including sleeve roll fades. Buttons are all metal and are movable! I’ve only seen this kind of movable button system once before. Made of a cotton drill with small armpit ventilation eyelets. Nearly impossible to find French...

1970s ‘Friendship’ Brand Dyed Chinese Work Jacket - Black - S


1970s ‘Friendship’ brand chore jacket. Jacket was dyed black at some point in it’s 50+ years of existence. The dye did not penetrate the blue repairs — which would’ve matched the original color of the jacket. Minor marks throughout but overall in fantastic shape. The really unique thing about the jacket is the wide and slightly cropped shape. Awesome fit,...

1950s Bleu De Travail French Chore Jacket with Shoddy Indigo Repairs - Indigo Blue - M


1950s Cotton Drill ‘Bleu de Travail’ French Chore/Work Jacket with small, all original sashiko repairs which are pleasantly amateurish and shoddy. The repairs are done using threads in various shades of indigo for a jacket filled with rich, deep color and detail — yet subtle at the same time. Understated but distressed with the classic ‘three pocket’ French Chore Jacket...

1940s Le Month Black Patchwork Moleskin French Chore Jacket - Faded Black - M


1940s French chore/work jacket in the rare and desirable Black Moleskin. Tremendous repairs and patchwork throughout. Very unique. Big 1940s ‘Le Mont’ tag — Le Mont is one of the original French workwear companies, and Le Mont is essentially the ‘Levi’s’ of French workwear, carrying a premium because they are seen as the originators/OG in the space. Smaller-size chest pocket as is...

1940s French Patched Moleskin Work Jacket - Faded Black / White - L/XL


1940s French moleskin work jacket with an incredible faded color — unlikely to ever see another black moleskin with a similar color. Color has faded to a luscious grey, and the material is soft and almost nubuck-like. Patches are white and an almost denim-like material. Minor marks throughout. I believe buttons were all replaced when white repairs were done as buttons seem slightly later than ‘40s....

Repaired Sashiko Collar Vintage Levi’s Denim Jacket - Lightwash Blue - S


Tremendous vintage Levi’s classic type iii trucker jacket. Nice wear and distressing throughout, with incredible repairs at top of back and collar. Sashiko and other repairing methods present. Really nice wash, has been worn and faded into a perfect light wash. Fits about a small, measurements provided below. Not sure of exact age, appears 80s based on Levi’s red tab...

19th/Early20th Century Japanese Boro Noragi Kimono - Shades of Indigo - S/M


A Beautiful piece of history. This Japanese Boro Noragi (a casual kimono style shirt/jacket) is from the late Edo to early Meiji period, likely from somewhere between the 1860s-1920s. This one is a shorter sleeve variation. Years of wear with patches over patches and repairs in all shades of indigo. Obviously somewhat delicate but could certainly be worn regularly. Most...

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