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Based in New York City, we are a vintage clothing company specializing in unique garments with distressing, character, and a history. 
Started by a Carolina kid, sumshitifound vintage often showcases the kind of denim, workwear, and farmwear that were ubiquitous wardrobe staples of those whom he grew up around – presented in an entirely different light. After studying art and design, our founder discovered that particularly attractive examples of individual garments had become pieces of art in his eyes, and he no longer saw them as solely pieces of clothing. To find such examples became somewhat of an obsession.  
We only believe in selling items with natural wear and do not modify or distress any of our items in any way.
Our items are sourced from everywhere, but you will not see the same piece anywhere else. 


Our inventory is separated into four main sections:

The Shit - This section houses special garments that most demonstrate our curation and style oeuvre. These are generally higher-end items with unique distressing.

Essentials & Blanks - As the name suggests, this section features garments that are versatile in their plainness. Lots of blanks and every day wears.

The Pile - Our most general section, containing less-expensive garments.

Curio - This section contains everything non-clothing: oddities, art, jewelry, and more.


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Styling and Rentals:
For styling inquiries, to rent individual pieces (either those that are for sale or part of our archive), and to access our exclusive archival collection, contact us using the information found below. 


Item Availability:
We not only sell items through our website, but also via in-person appointments, pop-ups, and our Instagram. As a result, items can occasionally be sold and not updated as such on our website. We do our best to update items accordingly and appreciate your understanding in this matter. Of course, if unavailable items are purchased the buyer will be refunded in full. 


Return Policy:
Although we believe imperfections are what makes items perfect, we still do our best to mention and capture all ‘flaws’ in the pieces we sell. However, it is inevitable that some flaws 
are overlooked. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns at this time. 


International Shipping:
Given the added shipping complications that have resulted from covid-19, along with difficulties in pre-determining consistent pricing for multiple countries, we currently do not offer international shipping through our website. However, if you are located outside of the USA and are interested in purchasing an item, please contact us using the information provided below, and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.


Email -
Or send us a direct message on Instagram.
Instagram - @sumshitifound