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Late 1980s Levi’s Made in USA 501 Painter Jeans - Light Wash Blue - 32x31 Late 1980s Levi’s Made in USA 501 Painter Jeans - Light Wash Blue - 32x31

Late 1980s Levi’s Made in USA 501 Painter Jeans - Light Wash Blue - 32x31


Lovely pair of 501s wit’s tremendous paint distressing throughout, and minor overall wear. From the late 1980s, I believe 1988. Unique wear in a good size. Don’t sleep. Size:  Tagged a 33x33, fits 32x31. Waist (Double the waist across when laid flat): 16” Inseam: 31” Leg Opening: 7.5” Return Policy: Although we believe imperfections are what makes items perfect, we still...

1970s Thrashed and Repaired Trousers - Navy Blue - 40x32


1970s Trousers — these things are amazing. Super thrashed with many pleasantly amateurish repairs throughout. Patched up with many materials ranging from a blue thermal-like material, to denim, to a brown satin like little patch on the crotch. The repairs on the seat of the pants are insane, and I’ve heard comments ranging in from ‘skeletal’, to ‘baboon’s ass’. Tremendous...

1960s Prisoner Sweatpants ‘Correctional Health Services’ - Light Heather Grey - Adjustable/34x29


1960s, Maybe even early 50s, pair of prisoner sweatpants. These are stenciled with CHS for correctional health services, and were likely given to prison inmates who were unwell and staying in the nurse/hospital area of the prison while ill. These are a great piece for wearing or display. Distressing and wear throughout with marks and discoloration. Only one elasticated cuff...

1950s Painter Dress Trousers - Chocolate Brown - 32


1950s Pair of smart/dress trousers that someone decided to paint in. Paint marks are white and a pale green. The color of the paint compliments the color of the fabric well. Fabric is a warm, chocolatey brown color. A fairly rare Falcon zip on the fly. Interior has a very cool lining around the waistband. Pants were recently dry-cleaned. Pants may...

Early 1940s Blue Salt & Pepper Pants with Repairs and Paint - Powder Blue - 32x32


Early 1940s Blue Salt & Pepper pants. This color of fabric is much rarer to find than the classic black and white salt and pepper material. These pants are over 70 years old, and feature a lovely wider-leg fit. Comfy material but still a bit rigid with not too much stretch. Pants don’t feel like wool or itchy they essentially...

Late 90s Dickies 874 Work Trousers - Faded Bordeaux - 32x30


Late 1990s, perhaps early 2000s pair of Dickies 874. This is the classic, original model of dickies. These have been worn in and are still a hardy canvas but are comfier and more flowy now after years of wear. Color is immaculate and is a Boudreaux with fading and depth. Paint distressing throughout otherwise decent condition. Rare color. Tagged 32x32, Measures...

Early 80s Levi’s Redline Selvedge 501 Denim Jeans with Extensive Repairs - Lightwash Blue - 31x31


1980s Levi’s Redline Selvedge 501 Denim Jeans. These are insane with extensive repairs throughout. Levi’s red tab is so worn it is illegible. Hand done patches and repairs with amazing wear and character. There is a replaced belt loop and wear around the cuffs.  Very worn and very beautiful. Hard to find a pair of redlines in a good size...

1960s Wrangler Painter Denim - Olive Drab - 34x27


1960s Wrangler Denim Jeans. Made in USA. Amazingly contemporary silhouette for the age (60 or so years old!), these are a slim-straight fit I’d say. Slightly cooler tone than a traditional ‘Olive’ color, just didn’t know how else to describe it. These have amazing character and wear with beautiful, extensive paint distressing throughout. Denim is soft to the hand and...

1970s Lee Riders Paint Distressed Denim - Khaki Drab - 34x28


1970s Lee Riders Denim, made in USA. Sensational character with extensive paint distressing throughout. These have been broken in and are comfortable. Fairly slim silhouette as Lee is known for. Great, unique pair. 50+ years old.     Measures like a 34/28 Waist: 17" across when laid flat Inseam: 28.5” Leg Opening: 8”     Return Policy: Although we believe imperfections are what...

1980s Paint Distressed Red Kap Work Pants - Faded Black/Charcoal - 32x32


1980s Red Kap brand work pants/trousers. Sensational pair with beautiful distressing including paint and wear around cuffs. These fit great and were broken in so are comfy and flowy. Super sweet and easy to wear. Tagged 32x34, Measures like a 32x32” Waist: 16" across when laid flat Inseam: 32” Leg Opening: 8.75”     Return Policy: Although we believe imperfections are what...

1940s Distressed WWII Military Chino Trousers - Warm Khaki - 29x29


1940s WWII Military Chino Trousers. These are sensational pants with a beautiful soft khaki material that feels like a high quality, canvasy cotton. Super won in, soft hand-feel and flowy. Relaxed fit. Paint distressing, original buttons, and tons of details with extensive, yet subtle, repairs on the seat of the pants. One belt loop appears to have been replaced at...

1980s Carhartt Double Knees With Distressing and Bleach Marks - Faded Black - 30x31


1980s Carhartt Double Knees. These are made of a slightly more comfortable, yet still rigid duck canvas — these have been worn in to the point that they’re comfy and have a soft and smooth hand feel. Awesome pair with a relaxed fit. DI stressing throughout, most notably part of the double knee panel is missing and there’s some beautiful...

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