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1950s King Louie by Holiday ‘Jerry’s Ming House’ Chinese Restaurant Loop Collar Bowling Shirt - Scarlet Red - M

Awesome shirt here -- a decommissioned personal piece that I’m selling begrudgingly. Amazing deep red color and soft fabric with minor distressing throughout. Minor discoloration around white collar. Collar features a small chain stitched bowler, matching the small embroidered bowling ball and pins open the chest pocket. Back has amazing blocky/3D chain stitching reading ‘Jerry’s Ming House, Tucson, AZ’ which I believe is for a Chinese restaurant. This is part of what adds to the tremendous atmosphere. Deep red is a rare color, and one that perfectly fits the 50s aesthetic. Looks like at one point a name was chainstitched above the pocket and was later removed likely by a subsequent wearer who had a different name. Loop collar with lovely, tonal red buttons. Nice fit with a flat bottom as opposed to the often ill-fitting scalloped hem. Buy this before I change my mind. 


Size: Tagged L, Fits M
Width (pit to pit): 23"
Length (shoulder to hem): 25"
Length (side collar to hem): 26.5”


Return Policy:
Although we believe imperfections are what makes items perfect, we still do our best to mention and capture all ‘flaws’ in the pieces we sell. However, it is inevitable that some flaws 
are overlooked. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns at this time. 


*We only believe in selling items with natural wear and do not modify or distress any of our items in any way.