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1960s French Leather Fireman Jacket With Velcro - Distressed Black - M

A special piece from my personal wardrobe that I’ve decided to move along. 1960s (perhaps even 50s) French Leather Fireman’s jacket. Intended to fit with a slightly extended length, sitting below the waist but above the knees. I’ve included an on-body picture, I’m 5’7 for reference. This piece has some flaws, a missing button or two, and the left arm’s seam has come undone so there’s now an opening. However, this piece features a thick and buttery leather. Black, but with some brown undertones coming through after decades of wear - looks black in most lights, but can see some brown in others. Most special, is the leather strips running along the jacket at the chest and hem. I’ve never, in my years of collecting, seen another with Velcro like this. Fits beautifully. Lovely silhouette with tremendous construction to allow for a sharp fit, yet still have maneuverability.
Suggested Size: S/M.
Width (pit to pit): 23"
Length (Side collar to hem): 32”


Return Policy:
Although we believe imperfections are what makes items perfect, we still do our best to mention and capture all ‘flaws’ in the pieces we sell. However, it is inevitable that some flaws are overlooked. Moreover, please consult measurements to ensure item will fit to your satisfaction. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns at this time. 


*We only believe in selling items with natural wear and do not modify or distress any of our items in any way.