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Black Impasto Painter Work Shorts Solluf Brand - Black/Paint - 32”

Insane pair of shorts here. These were cut some time ago (a shitty asymmetrical job) and then the cuffs were turned up and sewn in place. The paint on them is no joke — it’s 3D and caked on to such an extent that the pants are slightly hardened. Similar feel to a Red Kap brand work pant material. Can be worn or seen as more of a display piece.
Waist: 16" across when laid flat
Total length right leg (waist to middle of leg opening): 19.5"
Total length on left leg (waist to middle of leg opening): 21"
Inseam right leg: 9”
Inseam left leg: 9.5”


Return Policy:
Although we believe imperfections are what makes items perfect, we still do our best to mention and capture all ‘flaws’ in the pieces we sell. However, it is inevitable that some flaws 
are overlooked. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns at this time. 


*We only believe in selling items with natural wear and do not modify or distress any of our items in any way.