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Vintage Distressed Sun Faded Levi’s - Shades of Grey - 32x29

Tremendous pair of vintage Levi’s with some of the craziest sun fading and wear I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure what the history of these are — but they appear to have been left somewhere in varying degrees of direct sunlight for quite a while. This has resulted in beautiful fades, but also in the jeans breaking down and becoming soft and slightly stretchy. These jeans are totally wearable - but they should be noted that while not fragile, they are about as rigid as a normal cotton (non-denim) pair of trousers and shouldn’t be worn for anything too vigorous.  One pocket rivet is missing on the side with the wear. Hem could be released to make them a 29-30 inch inseam. Beautiful pair - unique, definitely a head turner - and as a result of material slightly breaking down, they’re super comfy. 
Measures like a 32x28.5”
Waist: 16" across when laid flat
Inseam: 28.5"


Return Policy:
Although we believe imperfections are what makes items perfect, we still do our best to mention and capture all ‘flaws’ in the pieces we sell. However, it is inevitable that some flaws 
are overlooked. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns at this time. 


*We only believe in selling items with natural wear and do not modify or distress any of our items in any way.